Custom Design Build

Core Home’s turnkey approach is compelling to discerning owners who are looking for a firm that can provide unique guidance and resources for the development of their real estate portfolios. 

With our focus on beauty and endurance, we can transform your property into a dynamic work of art that reflects your personal style.

For your design build project, we source distinctive materials, furnishings and fittings including: curated reclaimed building materials, quarried stone, lime plaster and stuc pierre, custom-crafted windows and doors, specialty hardware, fine cabinetry, healthy paints and finishes, furniture, fabrics/linens, carpeting, and original works by artists and craftsmen.

We run the entire process with our team on the ground managing the design development, documentation, construction, landscaping and interior design.  This continuum from Vision to completion, keeps the process running smoothly.

The result is a beautiful turnkey property that transports one in time and place, a method of building described as a timeless way.